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Online booking and invoicing

Before you book call 01277 204018 to arrange a tour of the club.

Any questions either email or call Sam on 07888 604070.

If you are already registered click the book now button.

Frequently asked Questions


Does the booking service affect how I pay?

No, you continue to pay in the usual way. Either, bank transfer, cash or cheque. If you make a booking longer that 30 days, you can select the 'standing order' option and it will automatically break down your total payments due into monthly instalments. All monthly amounts are due on the 20th of each month. 

Does my booking guarantee my space?

We can't guarantee every booking as we are limited in certain schools that required our vehicles to drop off and collect children. In saying this we will always make every effort to ensure your children are accommodated.

Do I need to add all information about my child account online?

Yes all information about your child must be kept up to date via your online account. These include dietary needs and allergies, medical information,  emergency contact details and other general information.

Can I make a booking over the phone?

Yes however it will incur a £1 administration fee.

Do I get a discount for booking more than one child in?

Yes, you get a 4% discount for the second child, and 8% discount for the third child.

Feed back

Do you have a question about our booking service? If so please let us know.

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